Building a Global Community Using Social Media

Even the most progressive Black women sometimes believe that they are not in the position to have a significant impact on the lives of other people on a global level. This notion that global leaders are required to have a massive amount of money in the bank or need to constantly travel to different parts of the world to build an international connection is creating a false limitation for Black women. On the contrary, it is possible to build a community that connects and encourages thousands and even millions of amazing, inspirational, and brilliant Black women from all over the world – right from your living room.

Of course, traveling is important in order to fully contribute to the global collective consciousness that supports and strengthens Black women. It also allows you to experience other cultures, which is essential to expanding your own worldview. However, you don’t have to wait until you can fit a week in Nairobi into your schedule to connect with women in Kenya. Nor do you have to spend a month in Jamaica to build lasting relationships with Jamaican women. Instead, you can begin the process of connecting with Black women from all over the world almost immediately. All you need is your laptop and a social media presence.

Here are five things that you can do today to begin building a global community of high vibrational Black women:

  • Commit to going global. Decide what your contribution to the world is going to be and commit to it. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by what everyone else is doing. Remember to move in the direction that your spiritual path takes you because that is where you’ll make your greatest contribution to the world. And in doing so, be sure to focus on connecting with others as you share your talents and experience with the world.
  • Create an online presence. The great thing about social media is that you can begin connecting with other women from any culture seamlessly. You get to choose which platform to use based upon your own personality, preferences, and mission. Many women opt to use Facebook to build their community because it is still the most effective platform to use. Facebook is the social media platform that is used most frequently by people from all over the world, so regular interaction in the Facebook world is powerful. However, other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Blogs are also great ways to strengthen connections with others. You can build your presence on one platform or use them all. In fact, it’s probably best to connect with women on as many platforms as possible, because the more places that you interact with others, the bigger and stronger your community becomes.
  • Be interactive. When building your community, be sure to focus on learning and teaching. Every woman has something unique to give to the world and when you maintain a community that is open to learning from one another, then the world benefits. Interact with the women in your community. Answer questions. Ask questions. Share information. Be intentional about creating a collective community of Black women who are committed to making a positive, unified impact on the world.
  • Have meaningful conversations. Use your social media presence to have meaningful dialogue about world events. Opening the door for conversation is the first step toward social change. Imagine the difference that could be made if thousands and even millions of online communities across the globe began to have the conversation about the massacres that are occurring in Nigeria. With that kind of force backing it, the #PrayForNigeria campaign would force change. And this is with any social injustice in the world. When the community that you build chooses to focus on having those meaningful and life changing conversations, then you become a part of the movement.
  • Pour into your community. See your community as your tribe of sisters. Pour into them and receive back from them. Make it your priority to contribute to the progress of the entire group through connection and sisterhood. After all, humankind is one and when one woman moves forward all of humanity advances forward with her.

Creating a global community that connects and embraces Black Women is not as difficult as it may seem. All it really requires is your lap top computer, an internet connection, and a COMMITMENT to share and learn with Black women from all across the world. Through meaningful conversation and a focus on forming an interactive community of sisterhood, you and every woman that you connect with can create a legacy of celebration and social change.

– Aysha Ives