Adventure is a term that is typically associated with pursuing interests that grow us as individuals, whether those interests be traveling or learning a new skill. However, some adventures in life come from being  a part of something bigger than ourselves. Being adventurous means that you are a fearless, strong and possess leadership skills that are needed in this world to create change. In today’s political turmoil, becoming involved in the political process that will impact lives, is one of the most valuable adventures that you can embark on.

Ready to get involved? The following is a list of 5 ways to ensure you’re making informed political decisions.

Get involved!

Do you feel so strongly on issues that voting doesn’t seem like enough? Maybe you should consider running for office! Don’t think you’re ready to run for office? Consider being involved in the local protest. Don’t allow the negative stigma around protesting to stop you from joining the cause. Recent events like the Women’s March were the catalyst for involvement. Don’t let that flame die.

Start voting at the local level

Were you upset with the election results? So was I. This past season brought particular attention to the issues surrounding the electoral college. Despite being disappointed, it’s important that you don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.

Now is the time to remember we have three branches: Executive, Judicial, and Legislative. And because we have ‘checks and balances’ we should remember the local level. Through this system we can use their tactics for our benefit. Conservative principles frequently reference leaving power at the state level- so put in work in your state! Attend city hall meetings and find out what legislation is being proposed. VOTE! These things affect us and we can resist from the bottom up.

Know the platforms!

I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure change will only be successful through education. Instead of basing your decision on party affiliations, research the platforms.

Viewing candidate platforms will give you a good indication of what they will target if in office. I know what you’re thinking.. “It’s too hard to stay on top of all this information. I live a busy life and have no time to google a roster of names.” Touche! Here’s a solution!

Apps like Countable, make it easier to be involved in the process. A one stop shop for info on upcoming and active legislation AND expedite lawmaker contact? Kinda removes the excuses doesn’t it?

Search for facts, not opinions

Have you ever heard a new story on one station and then heard the same story on a different station from a perspective so different the story was unrecognizable? Nowadays, every media outlet seems to have an agenda. When half leans far left and the other leans far right it’s hard to get the facts.

Consider ditching the local news stations and listening on the National level. National Public Radio is a wonderful source for neutral information. On NPR, news stories can be heard throughout the day in short, informational clips.

Stay on top of current events

Last but not least! I’m a firm believer that all our lives are interrelated. You want to be active in your political backyard but it’s also important to keep up with world events.Be sure to keep the above points in mind and find the most neutral perspective of the story. An interconnected worldview will make it easier to feel sympathy for all disadvantaged populations.

And remember, we are stronger together than apart.


Image provided by: @mali.pah @worldpeaceconnection @travellitetv


Ambreia Meadows Fernandez
Chief Content Strategist