So, you’re facing a dilemma. Here we are, knee deep in 2017 and you listed “be more adventurous” as one of your main resolutions. But you haven’t taken any steps to make it happen. You have many reasons why you haven’t gotten the ball rolling but one of your biggest setbacks is finances. How the heck can you be adventurous on a budget?

Well guess what girl? It’s totally possible to be dollar conscious and adventurous. The following is a list of 5 ways to add adventure to your life on a budget.


Volunteering is an often overlooked way to find adventure while leaving a positive impact. While volunteering, I’ve had the opportunity to do some awesome things. Planting trees on arbor day and traveling to other cities to participate in city wide clean-ups were some of my favorite. While those experiences may be a non-traditional view of adventure, they present the opportunity to meet awesome like-minded individuals.

More friendships equal more perspective and opportunities to get out! So grab your bag of snacks put on your walking shoes and get involved!

Look out for airline ticket sales

If flying is your preferred way to travel be sure to wait for the best rates. Southwest is one of my favorite places to look for tickets. Several times a year you can find a $35 one way ticket.

While tradition might tell us to buy tickets a early as possible there are many times airlines need to get rid of excess tickets in the last 24 hours – resulting in a $15-25 price drop. And because you have the option to switch tickets up to 2 hours before a flight and have no switch fees its a win-win. That credit of the excess is pretty awesome too!

Diversify your transportation methods

Flying is a fast and often convenient way to travel but don’t forget it’s not the only way. Consider the benefits of a cruise to get from one location to another.

Be sure not to forget ole fashion road trips. They give the ability to stop when desired and create mini experiences while in route to your destination.

Take the scenic route and be open to what you find along the way

If you couldn’t already tell, driving is my prefered method of travel. I love the ability to take the nearest exit at a moment’s notice and embark on an all new adventure. Some of my best travel memories included seeing a sign of an attraction on the freeway and just going for it.


I’ve come across lakes, national parks, and museums unexpectedly. So grab your friends hop in the care and just follow the freeway signs.

Check out local adventure groups i.e meetup is a wonderful resource that allows people to find (and even create) groups for things they like to do. If you want to hike more, search for nearby hiking groups. If you want to start a knitting group, gone head. Meetup gives you the opportunity to find people to do the things you like to do!

And last but certainly not least, if you’re looking for more ways to meet like-minded Adventurista’s be sure to join the official NAABW Adventuristas page!

Ambreia Meadows Fernandez
Chief Content Strategist