NAABW Global Service

Global volunteer opportunities have the power to transform the lives of both the volunteer and the community in which they are serving. NAABW is passionate about curating eye-opening, educational. and inspiring global service experiences.

  • Ghana

    Experience: Teacher (various subjects)
    Dates: Anytime (2 week minimum)
    Registration: $200
    Program Fee: Starts at $545

    As a teacher in Ghana you will help provide children with skills and confidence they need to grow into flourishing leaders of their communities as adults. We have volunteer opportunities teaching english, math, science, computer skills, and sign language.

  • Jamaica

    Experience: Community Development Leader
    Dates: July/August (1 week minimum)
    Registration: $75
    Program Fee: $850

    Volunteers work closely with social workers, community development facilitators, and community residents on a number of projects that all seek to improve living conditions in rural Jamaica. Our volunteers use their skills and experience to help document community needs, conduct assessments, and help in the delivery of aid and government assistance. Depending on time of the year and national development plans there will be scope to organize community sporting events, health fairs and cultural events.

    Community development leaders are placed across a broad range of NGOs, government organizations and charities. Duties and tasks will depend on the level of experience and skills of a volunteer.

  • Nepal

    Experience: Big Sister
    Dates: Anytime (2 week minimum)
    Registration: $200
    Program Fee: Starts at $419

    Act as a big sister or brother to young children in an orphanage. There is a language barrier in most cases, but the language of love and care is universal. You will help them get ready for school in the mornings, help with homework and play with them. You may help with cleaning and cooking and other day to day practices. Each volunteer will show the children in the orphanage that they are loved and cared for by the community.

  • Trinidad & Tobago

    Experience: Equine (horse) Therapy
    Dates: October 2nd – December 17th
    Registration Fee: $75
    Program Fee: $750

    Equine therapy is a fascinating way of improving emotional and physical confidence often used to help people with disabilities and traumatic experiences. Through interaction with trained horses, people build trust and an emotional connection. This bond helps participants develop healthy relationships, ease physical pain, and improve the quality of life for people living with disabilities.