These high cardio workouts are a great way to spice up your workout routine and help you to release some stress on those crazy days!


Break-Up with a Boyfriend?  Have a bad day at work?  Too Many Bills in the Mail? Why not try Boxing?  What better way to get out frustration than hitting a punching bag (which is way better than hitting someone).

Boxing not only burns hundreds of calories during a session but it provides a great outlet for conditioning and strength training. In a boxing gym, you will most likely be required to wrap each of your hands with an ‘official’ boxer’s hand wrap.  After the wrap, you will then put on a pair of gloves that you can usually rent or buy and feel like your own fierce version of Laila Ali.

Don’t worry, you probably won’t be put in a ring to spar with anyone, unless you truly want to get your Rocky Balboa on, but expect to learn the basic punches ranging from jabs, crosses, and hooks and with the proper stances you will get the ultimate core work out.  To further enhance your workout, don’t be surprised if you are instructed to throw in some jumping jacks, burpees, or kickboxing moves to provide even more intensity.

Knock Out Workouts for 2015

Although your first few sessions may leave you sore for a few days, the results will be well worth it!  Not to mention, it will help build your self-defense skills!

“I hated every minute of training, but I said, DON’T QUIT.  SUFFER NOW AND LIVE OUT THE REST OF YOUR LIFE AS A CHAMPION”. 

~Muhammad Ali


Want to throw a cultural spin on your workout, try Capoeira!  For those that don’t know about Capoeira, a quick history lesson: Capoeira is a Brazilian art form that combines fight, dance, rhythm, and movement.  It has been said that the origins of this were started by African slaves as a way to practice a form of self-defense against the slave masters. It is believed that it hid violence in dance, and trickery and cleverness in playfulness.   This martial art can make a simple cartwheel look like a beautiful piece of choreography!

Knock Out Workouts for 2015 2

While attending a capoeira class you will be taught by a Mestre (teacher) and learn the rhythmic beat of the roda (drums).  You will learn the basic movement known as ginga and other capoeira terms as well as get to see and play some of the instruments and learn songs/chants from the Afro-Brazilian culture.

Typically, for your first class, it is recommended to wear loose flexible workout gear, as you will most likely be stretching and practicing basic kicks from the start.  And also expect to be barefoot. The more involved you get into capoeira you will notice that many capoeiristas will be in abadás, or white pants while they perform, which you can purchase if you choose.

This activity provides an intense workout in a vibrant and spirited atmosphere. Not only is capoeira an excellent conditioning workout but you will also see an increase in your endurance and flexibility.

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