The Plank Challenge; The Beachbody; Squateggedon; the Full-Body Workout, these are just a few of the countless fitness challenges you have probably seen on social media, These challenges, which encourage you anywhere from seven to sometimes even 90-days, are filled with unique workouts that focus on specific areas of the body.

Often many of us just scroll right past the amazing bodies and think that will never be us.  But why not stop and reconsider incorporating the challenge into your current workout routine?  Okay, okay, the bad part in doing these challenges is…..?  Exactly, there is no bad part, its completely beneficial to you!! Let’s take a look at this win-win situation, shall we:

  • Choose your Target: This is a great way to focus on a problem area or a workout position that you hate, especially after all that good eating from the holidays. At times, we can tend to get in an exercise rut and keep doing the same exercises expecting our body to magically change.  By adding a little different spice to the routine, we may begin to see different results in the target area.  30 days to get better abs?!…Sign Me Up Please!
  • Keep it Fun!: Make a game out of it! Share a challenge with your girls and see who can get the best results.  For example, commit to a 30 Day leg challenge.  After the 30 days are complete, schedule a Ladies Night Out and make sure everyone puts on their best freakum dress and judge to see who has the best gams (Please Note: Please evaluate with sisterly love, no haters please).  This way, everybody wins and feels more confident to show off their hard work.  With your girls as accountability partners, you will hopefully have friendly competitors/cheerleaders that will ride with you until the end.Are you stuck behind a desk at work?  Do you need motivation to stay away from the snack room during the day?  Another option would be to try to encourage your work buddies to join you in one or two week challenges for no sweets or to take daily 15 minute walk around the building.  Let the winner get a small office perk, such as free coffee or lunch.
  • Consistency is Key: Consistency is essential in reaching your physical goals.  It has been said that if you do anything consistently for at least 21 days, that task will then become a habit to your daily routine.  By having this small taste of consistency it will help you stay on the right path.


  • Unbeatable Price!: It’s Free! No need to worry about gym or cancellation fees, or Groupons that never get used, you can’t beat that! From the comforts of your own home, you too can manage to get an extra push to your workout
  • You Do Have the Time!: Let’s face it folks, the majority of the challenges are meant to be a supplement to  your current workout plan and are not meant to be time consuming.  Many challenges often start off quite easy, for instance, a Butt Challenge, may require a total of five squats for the first day, which can take less than five minutes out of your day.  This is about the same amount of time it would take you to eat a small bag of chips, but the squats will prove to be ten times more beneficial for you! 

The following are some current challenges on Instagram and Facebook that you may want to check out and do with me!

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