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Our mission is to empower black women through sisterhood and adventure. We believe that “adventurous” is not limited to thrill seeking activities. Daring to live an inspired life, grounded in positivity, and in service to others, is an everyday adventure!



Every woman needs a tribe.  We each have our own unique gifts, skills, and collection of wisdom. The NAABW tribe is a diverse sisterhood exemplified in the many variations of our physical selves. We collectively promote unity, love, good vibes, and service.


New experiences help us to grow and become our best selves. Participating in new experiences increases self confidence, self love, and can even provide prospective needed to improve mental health. Life experiences stay with us and shape who we are.


Global development cannot exist without global connectivity. We are connecting the NAABW tribe with grassroots organizations. NAABW is partnered with locally based NGO’s that are also on a mission to empower and advance communities.


Inspiring Stories Curated By The NAABW Community

5 ways to add adventure to your life on a budget

So, you’re facing a dilemma. Here we are, knee deep in 2017 and you listed “be more adventurous” as one of...

5 Ways To Be an Activist Adventurista

Adventure is a term that is typically associated with pursuing interests that grow us as individuals, whether those interests be traveling...

Gloria Atanmo of The Blog Abroad: NAABW Wisdom Corner

That it's okay to not have everything figured out, and that if you stay with a student mentality, curious, eager, and hungry to learn and experience more in life, then your...

Your Body is a Finely Tuned Happiness Compass

Happiness can seem like it’s dependent on our external reality.  If only we had a nicer apartment, a more understanding partner,...

Lauren (Lo) Miller of Can’t Stay Put: NAABW Wisdom Corner

That this life is yours; nobody has to live it but you, so you have to take charge of your happiness and your hearts desires. You have to believe that you deserve greatness...

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